Saturday, 18 February 2006

Time To Say Good Bye

It's always hard to say good bye to our loved ones, isn't?? my heart is troubled. today, i had to say good bye to 2 whom are dear to my heart. somehow, i never really like going to the airport, especially to send someone off, as i'm always aware that my heart will be heavy on the journey back. i had mixed feelings as i saw you walked and disappeared from my sight.

Dear Pern,
i'm really glad that i was able to be there for you this morning. and thank God that i can send you off as this is the the most i can do for you here. as much as i would love to have you around with me everyday, i would also hope and pray that you're always happy and taken good care of. hehe. therefore it's really hard to let you go, but i know that you'll have a brighter and better future as you further your studies. this is the path that everyone needs to take, including myself. we all have our own lives to live, and i really pray that despite moving on to all the different stages of our lives, we will also be able to move on together with our friendship. i know that you were really touched to see me this morning. but i just want to let you know that, being there with you means a lot for me too. really. like i said, because it is you. because of you, i would go all out for you and nothing of this world or in this world will take me away from you, besides God of course. i believe. because i'd always believe that to love is also to sacrifice. and so my dear best friend, i want you to be happy always and to have all the best blessings in life. and because of you, whatever i do for you will always be worth it for me. really. hehe. and please know that, i never hoped or wanted you to repay me for all the things i did for you. true friends don't look into these things, because the only thing that truly matters is the heart. and as i told you before, as long as you'll keep me in a small part deep within your heart, it'll be more than enough for me already. and this is the only thing i ask for from you. so can i stay at a small part in your heart?? hehe. i think i know your answer. and finally, thanks for everything you did for me too, for a friendship can never last without both parties loving, sacrificing and keeping it. so as tough as life would be over there, and whenever you're tired and weary, just stop and think about your family and all of us who loves you very much over here. and with all these thoughts and the precious memories, i believe, it will help you through the tough and hard times for a long period of time. anyway, remember to put on more clothes as the weather is cold over there ya. and make sure you drink lots of water and get enough sleep everyday k. will be praying for you always. hehe. and i'm missing you very much now. really. can't wait to see you when you get back after 6 months. do take care and i luv you always!! 好好加油吧,记得一定要幸福快乐啊!=)

Dear Purple,
i guess we both know very well and deep down inside our hearts that it's time to let go. though i seemed to accept this fact quite calmly, but deep within i'm also broken like you. and i know that you felt it. thanks for coming back and it really means a lot to celebrate your birthday with you yesterday. and i just want to let you know that, i'll always keep a part of you with me. and you'll always be special and dear to my heart. you are important to me. and so, come what may, we will always be in each other's lives as best friends. for best friends are forever. hehe. i'm really grateful to have you in my life and i'm always thankful to have someone like you. like they say, "what is MOST VALUEABLE in life is not what you have, but it's WHO you have in LIFE!". and one day if it's really God's will, we will meet again, right?? and if that day really comes, i know we'll be able to stay strong together. hehe. i'll always keep you in my prayers too. hehe. and i want you to know that i miss you lots!! luv ya!! =P

谁不希望有个 Happy Ending ?

Tuesday, 14 February 2006

Happy Valentine's

Yo!! Happy Valentine's Day!! although i don't really celebrate today, and was quite surprised about the roses, but i did enjoyed myself anyway. hehe. it's just really sweet. and i'm glad to see you, Purple. really. you did gave me a big surprise. Owen, thanks a lot for the ferrero roches. hehe. and to you guys, thanks for the roses. though i think it's not worth the price especially on today, but just wanna thank you guys once again for the sweet purple roses. it's really nice of you guys to remember my favorite purple. hehe. anyway, got to go now, hope you all enjoyed your day!! SMILE!! =P

Saturday, 4 February 2006

Good Bye

Yo!! how's your holiday?? had fun?? well, as for me, enjoyed it, but was really unexpected in the mean time. so here goes. =)


AW leaving to Aus today. gave her a big surprise when i appeared in KLIA to send her off. hehe. hope that you understand and feel why i went all the way there to send you off. will miss you like crazy. am missing you now actually. hehe. hugs. =P

cuz i went to KLIA, and so my family had to wait for me in order to leave KL for Ipoh. so my mom reacted just like how all mothers would. after the lecture in the car which was about 3 hours journey, finally got some peace. hehe. it's nice to visit Ipoh again. =P

dear Purple, i guess it's really time already, isn't it?? i know we will still be in each other's lives no matter what, right?? just want you know that, i'll be here always, just like all these years. and all the memories we shared, will be remembered. promise me you'll be happy always, and don't give up so easily ever time you feel like giving up, ok?? will be praying for you always. miss you lots. =P

came back from Ipoh today, just wanted to rest. cuz i didn't really get enough rest, and having rashes since yesterday. can't believe i'm actually allergic to alcohol. haha. just found out. haih. a long long long day. can't belive that this holiday is coming to an end. why does time flies?? why don't time walk, or maybe crawl. hehe. anyway, meet up with an old friend who left for Singapore few years back. enjoyed the dinner. =)

visited our economics and accounts teacher. hehe. got another 2 extra ang pows. was sort of like class gathering. just that not everyone was there. hehe. hope that we can have this kinda gathering every year cuz i really enjoyed myself with my classmates and teachers. hehe. =P

well, as for today, was quite occupied the whole day. had meeting in church and went out for dinner. just came home. hehe. really need to find time to relax. hehe. but i'm very worried now, as the break dance class will be resuming tmr after 2 months break. and during that 2 months, i honestly didn't do stretching or training or what so ever at all. and i promise, tmr when Joel, our break dance instructor see us, he'll be speechless. aiyo, i really don't want to disappoint him, you know. guess, we'll have to start all over again. crab. haih. anyway, i bet my whole body will be aching by tmr. haha. haih. can't do much now, hope that things might be better that i expect. btw, dear Purple, just want to say good bye. smile ya. hehe. better get going. hehe. take care! =)

不该再用我的爱困住你 , 不该再让你眼中有泪滴...

也许我们从此不再相遇 , 永远记得你微笑的眼睛...