Saturday, 30 September 2006

The So Called End

Today the G4G training has officially ended for me as it's the 30th already. sigh. didn't even train at all today after class cuz of some technical prob. haha. well, won't be attending the training for 2months from now. how is it gonna feel like?? i don't even wanna think about it. either i'll be dreaming about dance like Jan or i'll totally slack after that 2months. neither one is good. haha. aiyo, don't know don't care la. anyway, i'll still be going for training tmr for the last time. i just don't want it to be the last time today ya know. it's really the last training tmr. how sad is that?? yeah, i know i can train at home, but somehow it just won't happen. hehe. whatever it is, i've made up my mind and know very well that it's best for me now. leaving everything into GOD's hands!! =)

Wednesday, 27 September 2006

Hidden Truth

GOD showed me a hidden truth lately. and right now i am left confused without any idea about what i should do about it. therefore, the moment GOD, in His will, showed me the truth, i’d never stopped praying. i don’t even know what i’m praying about already. i really do not know what to do and perhaps there’s nothing i can do at this point of time. but only pray about it. as i pray, i know that our Father is working according to His own wisdom, accomplishing what is best. just like yesterday’s devotion, GOD showed that it wasn’t Daniel’s courage or his prayers saved him. it was GOD. He doesn’t always provide the sort of help we anticipate – but His method always provokes the most glory. i do not pray that GOD will take this burden away from me, because i really care, as GOD cares for the lost – all of them. please do pray for peace and strength to stay strong in my faith as GOD reveals His purpose in His time.

well, the stpm timetable is finally in my hands. phew. hopefully i’ll be really prepared by then. it'll be starting on the 15th till the 29th Nov. and after that i’ll be so called free. haha. by the way, updated some pics i took with my hp. some pics taken with my dear sister, with Jia Ci when we’re hanging out after trials and with Jan at lunch on Monday. Really glad to have you girls in my life. Hehe. Luv ya!! =P

Friday, 22 September 2006

Pause For The Moment

Had a great time with JiaCi yesterday. i took sticker photos again. but it's my first time with her. well, cuz late my girlfriends are really into taking sticker photos. they'll be nagging and all so no choice. haha. but nevertheless, it was still fun though. will post the pics we took with my hp later. =P

was training at UG in Sunway yesterday too. finally got the chance to. it was a good training. cuz in the end i think my hand was breaking instead of me breaking. haha. was so tired after that. cuz went out with JiaCi and then at night went strainght for training. can even feel my shoulders aching now. but it was really fun!! hehe. though i know that i don't have much time left in dancing therefore i will really train whenever i can. =)

it was my dear Ryan Birthday yesterday too. hehe. BLESSED BIRTHDAY RYAN!! though i know that it's impossible that he'll read this but hey, it's the heart that matters rite?? hehe. will be praying for you. take care dear!! =]

lastly, finally got the pics i took with Jan after G4G's presentation in SIB. that night we were really high. can't stop taking pics. haha. but that place was quite nice. anyway, enjoy and take care you guys!! =P

Thursday, 7 September 2006

A Little Break

Decided to take a break so just came and drop by here for awhile. hehe. well, trials starting next monday. phew. 9 days straight with 3hours paper everyday. got to survive somehow. thank GOD that stpm is not one paper after another everyday. haha. anyway, got a new handphone today. hehe. its Sony Ericsson W810i. many thanks to Dan L. yeah, i know that i was never a fan of SE, and those who knew me well will agree much to that. hehe. used to like Samsung phones, don't ask me why, cuz i don't know, just like la. but all this while been using Nokia phones. haha. used 4 Nokia hp before this. and now, it's SE hp. well, finally got a camera hp. i know i'm kind of outdated but hey, better be late than not. haha. anyhow, didn't really get to discover the hp. as i'm not really used to it yet, plus got to study la. so will take my time. ok, better get going, got lots to revise. whatever it is, just another 2 months and then i'm free!! =P

Saturday, 2 September 2006

Sad Day

It was a long day today. G4G training will be on saturdays and sundays from today onwards. the training was good today. get to sweat alot. enjoyed it. haha. hope that i'll have time to practise the new routines during the upcoming week. aiyo, trials is another 8 days only. phew.

after the training, went straight to Pern's house. managed to spent sometime with her while helping her packing her stuffs. her flight to Singapore is at night and then will be flying back to Nanjing from there. she was here on holidays for 2 months already. so was kind of used to having her around. and now she got to go back again, somehow not used to it. i know i'm a lil emo now, but what to do. haih. actually missing her now!! waiting for her to go online when she reached Singapore, while waiting for her flight in the morning. thank God CL and i managed to send her off at the airport. though it means alot to her, it also means alot to me and CL. and on our journey back, both of us were quite emo. haha. but at least there's 2 of us. can talk things out abit. cuz everything is like so fast you know. it's like the airport is so near, i mean it used to take forever to reach normally. or maybe i'm just exaggerating. i don't know. haih. and after she checked in and all, not too long then Pern is out of our sight already. maybe the fact that she left haven't really sink into me yet. well, really looking forward to meet her again. miss you lots gurl!! =)