Sunday, 27 August 2006

Been Thinking

I knew right from the start that this G4G Intensive Training is never gonna be easy. just that i didn't know that it's gonna be so though. before it started there was the financial problem but that was settled by GOD's grace and i really believe that it's GOD's will for me to join this ministry. and finally i'm really learning how to dance. we're training on street dancing now. one day Joel told all of us where our standards are up to. i really think that it's a good thing to know where your standard is so that you can improve yourself. i couldn't agree more to that. and so he said that i've got no style and rhythm. i've got a long way to go and i need to put in alot of effort in order to improve. well, the truth is, it's not that i don't want to put in any effort. it's just that time is really not on my side. i really cannot afford to screw my studies. i believe GOD doesn't want me to neglect my studies either. and been trying hard to find the balance between both. just like how i persevered in breaking, i know that i can also press on in street dancing but now its like that wrong time and all. plus i really wanna do it for GOD. was really in a dilemma. but Joel did say that i'm the most potiential B-Girl. well again, this road in breaking is gonna be long and though too. for now it seems that i can't really move on ahead. so there's the question, to be or not to be?


G4G's 1st Presentation

I believe that it's GOD's will to bring up this G4G Team. and i know that GOD was with us from the very beginning and is with us now and always. only when GOD is the center of our focus, then only we'll be able to find the real purpose of dancing. it's not just for fun, never to show off ourselves but it is to gorify GOD through dance. that's why we're called Grooving 4 God. G4G belongs to GOD and so do all of us. i'm really thankful and grateful to GOD for this ministry.

G4G's first presentation was in One Life, One World Concert held in SIB, KL. we performed for friday and saturday night. it means alot personally as it was the first presentation for our team. perhaps because of that, a few of us was very nervous. it's not our first time perfoming though. haha. so it was quite unbelieveable to be nervous at the first place but i guess we all really wanna give our best to GOD. and even though we missed little steps here and there, but i believe and have faith that GOD was in our dance. cuz i can feel the joy of dancing for JC again!! that feeling is really awesome. and there's nothing that can compare to it. really. i will never trade anything in this world for that joy only GOD can give!! and only when your focus is right in GOD, only will GOD be able to use you. i really felt that it wasn't me dancing but the Holy Spirit of GOD dancing through me!! how cool eh?? hehe. well, though i know this road is not gonna be easy, but i really want to go all out for Him. really thank GOD for being with us through it all and praise be to the LORD always and forever!! Amen!! =)

Monday, 21 August 2006

Special Friendship

Have you ever tasted the sweetness of true friendship?? well, i'm really blessed by God to have so many true friends around me. really thank God for Pern, Jan, Jia Ci and now, Xue. hehe. i really wasn't greedy and didn't really hoped for another one, honestly. but i'm very grateful to God for their presence in my life. Xue and i enjoyed our lunch today very much. we decided to call that place our "old place". so we'll hang out there more often in the future. hehe. and we took alot of pictures. well, when there's girls and the camera, means?? haha. and after that, we took sticker photos. finally Xue's dream came true. she'd always wanted to take it with me since we became best friends and now we finally made it happened. and we even took twice in a roll. haha. i know maybe you'll think that it's not worth it, but at least to Xue and me, it's definately worth it. haha. well, it's quite fun actually la. hehe. thanks alot dear!! luv ya always!! =P

Thursday, 17 August 2006

Birthday Bash

Although i don't really fancy birthday parties all this while, but it's totally diff when it's for someone close to your heart. this year will be really unforgetable to me i believe. on the 14th, had a small surprise birthday party for Hong. and on the 15th, another one for Pern. and both were in Putrajaya. yes, that place is quite a distance, but it's nothing compared to how far i'd go for Pern. haha. have you even seen the night view of Putrajaya?? it's actually breathtaking. that's something i didn't know all this while. with the cool breeze and the starlight view, i thought i won't find it in Mal. hehe. as much as unforgetable for Pern and Hong on their birthdays, it will be for me too. and because both the nights are on weekdays, my mom will of course lecture abit. but it's worth while for me, nevertheless. most importantly, Pern and Hong enjoyed themselves, and me too. hehe. take care and be happy always, my dear friends!! =)

Thursday, 10 August 2006

Great Lunch

I had a great lunch with Pern today. though it was Sushi King as usual, but like they always say, it's the company that really matters actually. i guess that's why i really had a good time today. Pern and i got to just sit down, enjoy our meal and catch up with each other's live. we always got so much to talk to each other. it's like forever is not enough for us to just talk. haha. i know that's kind of exaggerating already but hey, that's how i feel. hehe. well, Pern is studying in Nan Jing, China currently and she's back in Mal on holiday till Sept. that's only about a month she'll get to stay here. anyway, in Nan Jing you can't find japanese food Pern said. so i promised her that whenever she's on holiday back in Mal, we'll eat sushi. cuz it's our fav food. haha. i know i'm a little sesat like that but well, i'm cool with it. haha. looking forward to spend more time with Pern. =)

Monday, 7 August 2006

Street Dancing

The new intensive training by Joel on friday and sunday was really great. haven't been training under him for quite some time already. and this time, i'd learnt more about break dancing and all. this new training will not only focus on breaking as Joel's vision is to bring up the G4G team. so we will all be learning street dancing instead. and in street dancing, there's locking, breaking and poping. now i know where breaking came from. hehe. also learnt that hip hop is more of a culture than just a dance. it has a wide perspective. anyway, i'll be learning street dancing now and i think i do like it. but i won't give up on breaking. i've come this far already, though i know what a girl can do in breaking is limited compared to guys but i just can't bare the thought that all the effort and time i'd invested in break dance trainings are all in vain at the end of the day. all i wanted is to continue to break of the Big Guy up there, that's all. and once again, i really want to do this for God. i guess this is the time He wants me to pause, stop and think about what is it really that i want to do for Him. and how far i would really go for His Name. this time it's not just saying the words but putting them into my own actions. above all, i know that He sees my heart and my deepest desire in serving Him with everything that i have. even if this world doesn't see or know. because at the end of the day, only God matters, really. =)

Friday, 4 August 2006

An End And A New Beginning

It has been about a year plus ago when Joel started the break dance class in my church. and now is the time to move on from there. and after 9 months of hardcore break dance training, i am a little afraid to put an end to things ahead. you know, afraid that i might not be able to move on or something. as right from the beginning, i decided to break for God alone and therefore i'll surrender break dancing into God's hands. knowing that He's in all control and so i don't really know where are all this are going to. it just feels complicated and a little insecure deep down. but nevertheless, i still have faith in God, as always.

today, Joel will be starting a new intensive dance training for the G4G group. i am honestly looking forward to this all new training but in the mean time, there are a couple of circumstances and obstacles to overcome. well, it's always a challenging journey living for God. and i know better than anything that He is with me. so i've got no reason at all to give up. i know i'll pull through with Him. and this time too, come what may. =)