Monday, 31 December 2007


When you look back, there will be things you will regret.
You made the wrong decision.
You made the right decision.

Life is about decisions.
1. Am i going to have the practical car or the fast car?
2. Shall i go to college or get a job?
3. Will i have wine, beer or water?

Whatever decision you make is the only one you would make.
Otherwise you would make a different one.
Everything we do we choose.
So what is there to regret?
You are the person you chose to be.

If you wonder where your joy is these days, ask yourself how you're doing in these areas.
Then this coming new year, step up and go after the things that God calls you to.
You'll be blessed, for sure. ^-^

Saturday, 29 December 2007


会和谁在一起? 能一起走到哪里?
究竟哪一种 the end 才算是好,没有人会知道。。。
纯真的模样 觉得温暖
尽管每次遍体鳞伤 放声大哭
相信爱情 感动自己

Thursday, 27 December 2007

Follow The Light

John 3:19-20 --> 19 This is the verdict: Light has come into the world, but men loved darkness instead of light because their deeds were evil. 20 Everyone who does evil hates the light, and will not come into the light for fear that his deeds will be exposed.

I see a similar message in the lights of Christmas. The flame of every candle and the brilliance of every twinkling bulb remind me that warning and welcome are at the heart of Jesus' coming to this world. Just like lighthouses have been built around the world to warn sailors of dangerous rocks and reefs and let them know that a safe harbor is near. It's their dual message of danger and safety. The great danger of our lives is that we will be aware of Jesus Christ as the light of the world, yet choose to live in the shadows so we can do as we please. In contrast, our grand opportunity is to walk a path made bright by the presence of the Savior: "But whoever lives by the truth comes into the light, so that it may be seen plainly that what he has done has been done through God. (v.21)" Jesus affirmed His identity when He said: "I am the light of the world. Whoever follows Me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life. (John 8:12)"

At Christmas, God warns us of the dangers of darkness, and calls us to follow the light -- JESUS -- into the safe harbor of His presence and love. May you all, my dear friends have a truly meaningful and blessed Christmas!! May you have your dearly loved ones around you during this Christmas season.

Thank you, for coming back just on time, to invite Christmas with me. it was in my wildest dreams to have you by my side once again. whatever our future holds, i will never forget our greatest moments in 2007. thank you for everything. i sincerely thank God for, you. and thank you guys, for the lovely presents, most of them are on my personal wish list!! so thank you all very much!! all i can give you guys in return, is my hugs and loves. hehe. can you feel my love?? and i thank God for my dearly loved ones around with me too. you all are the reason for me to just be myself. hehe. hope you guys had a great Christmas and enjoy this few days we have left in 2007!! hugs hugs!!! (^__^)

Tuesday, 25 December 2007

We Are The Reason

By Avalon

As little children we would dream of Christmas morn’
Of all the gifts and toys we knew we’d find
But we never realized, a Baby born one blessed night
Gave us the greatest gift of our lives

We were the reason that He gave His life
We were the reason that He suffered and died
To a world that was lost He gave all He could give
To show us the reason to live

As the years went by we learned more about gifts
The giving of ourselves and what that means
On a dark and cloudy day, a man hung crying in the rain
All because of love, all because of love

We were the reason that He gave His life
We were the reason that He suffered and died
To a world that was lost He gave all He could give
To show us the reason to live

I’ve finally found a reason for living
It’s in giving every part of my heart to Him
In all that I do, every word that I say
I’ll be giving my all just for Him, for Him

We were the reason that He gave His life
We were the reason that He suffered and died
To a world that was lost He gave all He could give
To show us the reason to live
He is my reason to live

Don't you know, don't you know the reason
That He came, He came to save us
When He gave His life for us, He suffered and died
To a world that was lost, He gave everything that He have He gave
To show us the reason to live

Saturday, 22 December 2007

AFC Last Outreach '07

Wheeeeeee!! so it was our last outreach presentation for 2007. honestly, today was a long day for me and everything happened so fast. woke up early in the morning for cousin sis's wedding and rushed to church to gather for outreach then rushed to the wedding dinner before the last outreach location. phew. me still feel like i'm on the run now. haha. though most of the time was really rushing, but it was still fun. hehe. it felt kinda like as though i'm a superwomen. so torn in between wei. haha. nevertheless it's really fun to have so many things on my mind at one time and be involved in everything. it was definitely a long long day for me wei. hehe. =P

There we have it, AFC performed for the 3rd time, and started our outreach presentation at The Weld. all's cool and the repertoire started off with Remix1. hehe. of course we had our trainings before that. to make sure we are steady before we go on stage. and we had practices as well, as a group. for this outreach, we had our campers to join us too. so glad to have them with us really. and while some of us were still having camp fever, it was really an enjoyable outreach for us also. though i would love to join the group and dance, but once again me was doing frontstage, so i only danced Remix1 with my team. but it was all good. hehe. then we headed off to Subang Parade. it's my 2nd time there as the 1st was with Team B during camp's outreach. and that time i can't help it already but to fall in love with the stage deco. really love the white Christmas trees deco. me dreaming on a white Christmas, so beautiful!! hehe. the presentation was really beautiful as well. guess the deco helped. haha. me had goose bumps all over as i watched it from frontstage. Praise the Lord!! hehe. thank God for my backstage manager, Melissa also. i believe we worked even better together this time round. hehe. believe me, the stage was kinda challenging for us wei. cuz the only exit is at the front of the stage itself. and the backstage area is all the way behind the stage. so the coordination between frontstage and backstage gotta be real tight, in order to have a good flow. and me lost most of my voice already, so it was kinda hard for Mel and Dhanyal to catch what i was saying through the walkie-talkies. but Mel and i was steady la. hehe. so Praise the Lord again and again!! then it was time for me to say goodbye to the group. as i gotta attend the wedding dinner. so before the group left for the last location in Pavilion, of course i took pics with them. hehe. so gonna miss the few campers and outreach presentations too. but it was a great outreach to mark an end for AFC's outreach mission 2007. all glory and honor be unto God alone!! wheee, and when we're back in action next year, i will be filled with His joy and i will be dancing for Him once again!! so can't wait wei!! XD

Year End Wedding

Here comes the season of wedding for the year again. and so it's my dear cousin sis, Karen & Cofonn's lovely wedding. hehe. everything went on well and quite on time actually. from the house visiting of both sides to the dinner at night, it's like it all happened so fast. hehe. my sincere congrats toward Karen jie jie & Cofonn ko ko. haha. they took really good care of me when i visited them in GuangZhou back in June. so it's my pleasure to attend and help out in their holy matrimony. they are indeed a very cute and happy couple. may they share double happiness and blessings in this new life together!! hugs & loves!! XD

Friday, 21 December 2007


只是 溫暖的 廢話

妳渴望的不是 誰來強迫妳偉大堅強
而是陪伴 幫妳暫時遺忘
這世界 喜歡 讓人失望

我會陪妳到 妳笑容飛揚

至少可以聽妳 講到天亮
怎麼想不疼 妳就那麼想

妳渴望的不是 誰來強迫妳偉大堅強
而是陪伴 幫妳暫時遺忘
這世界 喜歡 讓人失望

我會陪妳到 妳笑容飛揚



Over It

I'm over your lies,
And I'm over your games.
I'm over you asking me,
When you know I'm not okay.
You call me at night,
(which you never did)
And I pick up the phone.
(so I didn't have the chance to)
And though you've been telling me,
I know you're not alone.

That's why,
Your eyes, I'm over it
Your smile, I'm over it
Realize, I'm over it
I'm over it
I'm over it
I'm over

Wanting you,
To be wanting me.
No that ain't no way to be.
How I feel, read my lips,
Because I'm so over.
Moving on, it's my time.
You never were a friend of mine.
Hurt at first, a little bit,
But now I'm so over.
I'm so over it.

I'm over you hands,
And I'm over you mouth.
Trying to drag me down,
And fill me with self-doubt.

That's why,
Your words, I'm over it
So sure, I'm over it
I'm not your girl
(friend), I'm over it
I'm over it
I'm over it
I'm over

Wanting you,
To be wanting me.
No that ain't no way to be.
How I feel, read my lips,
Because I'm so over.
Moving on, it's my time.
You never were a friend of mine.
Hurt at first, a little bit,
But now I'm so over.
I'm so over it.

Don't call,
Don't come by.
Ain't no use,
Don't ask me why.
You'll never change,
There'll be no more crying in the rain.

Wanting you,
To be wanting me.
No that ain't no way to be.
How I feel, read my lips,
Because I'm so over.
Moving on, it's my time.
You never were a friend of mine.
Hurt at first, a little bit,
But now I'm so over.
I'm so over it.

Wednesday, 19 December 2007

303 Days

303 days.......

眼泪 是我的望远镜
我见到了 有你的 天堂

Tuesday, 18 December 2007

AFC Camp '07

After AFC's sabbatical year, we had our annual AFC Camp again this year. this time round, God gave us campers who helped me grow spiritually and mentally. as always, the highlight of camp will be the 3 days of outreach. i was amazed by God, once again. so i'm gonna share with you one of the amazing things that He did.

It's was the 2nd day of outreach. after God's blessing on the 1st day, everything went on well and we were all hyped up to continue the Lord's work. then we reached Klang Parade. after all the sound check and backstage prayer, once again we're all set to put up a show for Him. just when the first song was played, the CD started
scraping. so i signaled Dhanyal to stop the music and hit replay. my dancers were already kinda distracted since it didn't started off went well. and then it was our 2nd song. this time, the song just can't play smoothly, and Dhanyal kept replaying it but it just didn't work out. so many dancers became even more afraid and nervous, not knowing what to do so most of them wasn't looking at me, therefore i can't tell them exactly what to do on stage. i can't remember after how many times the song was replayed, and those of us off stage kept praying, it finally played on smoothly. but my dancers were distracted so they missed quite alot of beats while dancing and we all knew something was wrong. but God was there with us nevertheless. after that presentation, i told my dancers how i felt they did and taught them the things to do should they face this kinda situation again. we were all a little down, so we prayed and rested while heading to the next location. Soon enough, we reached IOI Puchong. and this time round, we came back so much stronger as a team and God was gracious to us. i can't help but had goose bumps through out the whole presentation. God's presence was so strong and our spirits were lifted high. =)

Then we headed to our last location as scheduled, we reached Atria one and a half hours before our presentation. so we had our dinner in the bus and retouch on their makeup, we're all set and ready for it. 45 minutes before our presentation was supposed to start, we received orders from our leader Joseph, who went down and met with the management manager, and said that there was a miscommunication about our scheduled presentation time. we were supposed to perform the following night then. but that's not gonna work as we already had our scheduled all filled up for the next day too. so again, God tested our team. without anymore delay, Eunice gathered everyone's attention and we prayed earnestly like we never did before. i opened in prayer, followed by Adrian and Eunice closed in prayer. though it wasn't a long cooperate prayer, but the Holy Spirit's presence was really strong, as we were all united in prayer. just when Eunice was closing us in prayer, i heard voices from the walkie talkie saying that it's all set, we need to get down the bus, asap. then we signaled Eunice and she ended by thanking God for His faithfulness to us. and together, we said Amen with all our hearts and minds with one voice. it was the loudest Amen i've ever heard the campers said. our prayers has been heard. it was 30 minutes before our presentation started. and JJ and Jeremy who went down earlier, said that place was rather empty, hardly able to find even a small crowd. but 5 minutes before we started, the stage area was all filled up with people. if you were to ask me, i really don't know out of a sudden where did all those people came from, but what i know is, that was God. once again, i was amazed to see how great and powerful our God can work, in such a mysterious way. and so God's name was lifted high that night and all glory be unto His name alone!! ^_^

Now that camp is over, somehow or rather, i don't really miss it as badly as i always did. but spiritually i know, i am another step closer to Him. so to me, that's all that matters. though there were even more things going on behind the scene, which i'm gonna leave all that behind. even if it was my last AFC Camp, i have no regrets. because i did my best for God and i know He sees all that. He used His people to encourage me to move on, and He gave me the strength to stand and smile for Him. everything happened according to His will and glorified God's name. and those whom i cared about enjoyed the camp too, so that's all matters to me. only two things i liked about camp this year, was the opportunity for outreaches again and our best camp T-shirt ever. thanks to dear Tsu Ann for the wonderful camp T. it's really hard work but really great job done. and the things i miss only is dancing for God, Owen, Ryan, Sharon & OSC campers. so glad to see you guys again and met you all at camp, it's been a blessing and we shall continue this good work for God no matter where we are. hugs to you all!! XD


对了,《公主小妹》播放大结局咯!! 嘻嘻,还不错看的啦。整部戏剧给人童话般的感觉,似乎与平凡的
生活有一点距离。不过,或许正因如此,才会让人看了有幻想吧。我想,有一点儿幻想,也不算是一件坏事哦。哈哈。还有,我真的认为辰亦儒越来越帅耶。嘻嘻,好喜欢一般但美好的童话结局喔!! =D

Friday, 7 December 2007




也许有一天 我们都忘记

Thursday, 6 December 2007



別讓自己的情緒 去影響別人的情緒



是不是更進一步的認識對方 了解對方
懂的認識別人 認識自己
其他的 並不是那麼關鍵



Saturday, 1 December 2007

Memorable Genting Trip

It was definitely one of a few most enjoyable and memorable Genting trip for me, through out all these years. really glad that we all could get along well and just have fun. hehe. as i always believe that, its the people that makes a whole lot of difference. wheeeeeee, and this time, i went with a very cool group -- CID Crew!! hehe. and also with their super fans including me. haha. XD

Well, its a totally new and special kind of experience i would say, hanging out with CID Crew. hehe. firstly, CID Crew is kinda well known wei. as we were walking in a group and suddenly strangers came over and said CID Crew!! there was actually other fans who recognized them. fuyoh!! haha. it makes me feels different, while walking with them. syok wei!! hehe. secondly, i do have a couple of friends who are also breakers, but i never make friends with a whole group of breakers. so CID Crew is the first. haha. the cool thing about hanging out with a group of breakers is that, they will just break on the street. and when Sheryl told me beforehand that they are gonna train when they are there, i couldn't really believe her till i saw it with my own eyes. hehe. so the guys really did their breaking stuffs, just next to Starbucks. and then i realized, that's what real breakers do, they break anytime and anywhere. that's why CID Crew got such good breakers. * Salute* hehe. and i had so much fun watching them cuz breaking is something i like and also doing abit of it currently. hehe. not forgetting the weather was perfect for breaking. no sweat. hehe. and ohh, they were so high then, it was 12 midnight when they were breaking. haha. while waiting for the movie to start. hehe. and that movie actually made me fall asleep half way wei. haha. partly cuz i was too tired to focus and catch up with the storyline. but i tried okay. hehe. anyway, i was just chilling with Starbucks coffee and watched the guys do their breaking. Ah Beh did 9 rounds of flair and Wei Ming did 7 rounds of flair too. and not forgetting JJ's hand hops and Wen Jie's suicides. also their very cool combo tank pose wei. wheeeeeee!! can't take it!! ^0^

There's actually a few new things that i tried in Genting too. what are they you must be wandering, since i've been there like dunno how many times. haha. we went on the Double Deck Carousel, Flying Jumbo
and Tea Cup wei. those were definitely my first time. cuz i'm no longer a kid like long time ago. haha. but it was fun la, to just play around like that. hehe. and we were like so high on other rides too. wheeeeeee. haha. and then we stayed up till almost 6 in the morning that night and played a CID Crew game -- The King's Game. it's my first time too, and the game is more like the daring game. what kind of daring things we did, that i shall keep it between ourselves. haha. but honestly i didn't know that they all are quite open minded people. haha. but we all very steady la. everyone did what they were supposed to do. hehe. nevertheless, i had fun. only thing is i really pity Kenny cuz he got almost every dare and those things that he gotta do was the worst ones. haihz. its really not his night wei. haha. and Ah Beh didn't even kena once. so unfair leh. cuz of that we all made fun of Kenny even more. cuz his reaction was really funny also la. evil us. haha. and what a special way to spend the last day of Nov. hehe. =P

Maybe because this trip was kinda unexpected, and it happened at the right point of time for me, also it's my first Genting trip with Sheryl together with CID Crew, that's why it made such an impact on me. hehe. so glad to join you for this trip, gurl. it means alot to me too, just so you know that. hehe. so thanks alot for inviting me. and i already found the answer i needed to solve the things that are bothering me. don't worry okay. i am really fine now, thanks to you!! hehe. above all, i truly had a blast and hope you did too. once again, thank you all for making it such a happening and wonderful trip. hehe. the weather was cool, the company was good and the trip was a blast!! hugs to you all!! (^_^)

Remix1 By AFC Crew

Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Welcome Back

My Dear AiWei finally came back from Aus. wheeeeeee. so glad to know that she is just 10 minutes drive away now. hehe. can't wait to hang out with her again. there's so much to update each other about i'm sure. but well, time is all we have now, isn't it?? haha. =P

Lou po, im really glad for the fact that i can still call you like that. hehe. and it means alot to me. all these years, you proved to me that distance only made our friendship even stronger. and even until this very day, i still feel that this precious friendship is amazing and unbelievable. it's like we found each other in fairyland. haha. but i know that our friendship is real and true. i feel like as though the feeling of closeness between us has never die down. cuz it feels like we only found each other yesterday, and we're so glad we did.
so thank you for staying by my side even though sometimes, i might not be the best friend for you. but i will give you the best of me, that is my promise to you. hehe. you know that one thing for sure, i will always be here for you, no matter what happens okay. because Best Friends are Forever!! *hugs hugs* Love you!! ^-^

Fly Away With You

You're flying in a few hours time, and though we spent each second left together, but it felt like we're miles apart already. D, just want you to know that i would really love to go with you, i really do. but there are things that i can't just leave behind like that. okay, maybe like you said, those were excuses, i have to admit it is partly true. but it's not totally also. you know i will sacrifice anything for you, whenever or whatever i can. i know this trip means alot to you, to us. and you know i was almost in tears when you told me about your whole plan. i guess you're my best listener on earth right now. it's almost like you can read my mind. freaky but amazing at the same time. and i truly appreciate it. honestly, i would rather just forget about everything on my mind now, and hop on the plane with you. cuz we'll never know what the future holds, so all we can do is treasure each other, every single moment we have. but i don't wanna make the wrong choices. and what if we both felt that somethings wrong after boarding the plane? it would have been too late already. i have to keep a clear state of mind right now. looking at the things on my hands, i really can't just leave it all like that and fly away. D, that's the reason i'm staying and nothing else okay. just like i've told you. so i wrote this here just to give you the assurance and reminder no matter where you will be. i really really really thank you for everything you've done for me in the past 200 days. hope you'll have a great holiday ya. make sure you enjoy yourself. go and have fun so that the next time round, you'll know where to take me. and i'm missing you already. hehe. but most importantly, i'll be praying for safe journey mercies for you and your family. have a blast dear!! hugs hugs!! love ya always!! ^.^

Saturday, 24 November 2007

AFC Crew's 1st Showcase

Wheeeeeee!! So that was our first time presenting the Remix1. i think it was great!! so proud of my crew mates. hehe. so sorry you guys gotta endure my tough trainings. and after all the hard work and effort, it finally paid off well!! that's why i'm truly proud of you guys. and together, i believe we made God proud too. hehe. All For Chirst is back in action this time!! haha ^-^

Finally we got sincere positive feedbacks from the audience. it's really encouraging. and even though i'm really exhausted now, so is everyone, but it's definitely worthwhile. and so we took a pic with Bishop Ng Moon Hing after the presentation. he's so cool wei. =P

AFC Crew rocks yo!! XD

Still posing after the dinner,
at the stairway. haha >_<

Me posing with Jan. Peace out!! ^^

Thursday, 22 November 2007

Tag #3

Tagged by Celine ^^

1. Knee guards
2. Hiphop jacket
3. Converse Cap
4. Mp3?? Ipod?? hmm =P
5. Sony Cam

1. Young
2. Kind
3. Friendly
4. Loves God
5. Loves to dance

Keeping her words. hehe
I'm coming for AFC camp!! =P
Love her as a sister in Christ.
She won't be my enemy la. no reason ever. hehe

1. Pern
2. Aiwei
3. Sheryl
4. Jas
5. Jan
6. Owen
7. Bryant
8. Sam
9. Jien Feng
10. Wei Xiang

Hmm he's very secretive about it. so dunno leh. haha
He's still single wor. and available la =P
Actually yea. cuz he wont dare to bully my best friend n they can make a good couple. but too bad Pern is taken. hehe
Erm oops. neither of them are lesbians. so of course it won't happen la
Accountings in UTAR
Chatting on MSN now. haha
Nope. still studying
I dunno wor. haha. sorry man
Well i must admit i will. haha. let me finish first la. but i will only do it when he's breakin'. cuz he's such a good breaker wei. so can't help it XD
10. HOW ABOUT NO. 5?
Wheeeeeee sometimes la. haha
Yupe. she has 2 bros who loves her alot. how nice. hehe
Coincidently, i met the both of them in church. only things is in different churches la. hehe
My heart. =) but her physical being is currently in China. hehe
Back in CHS. miss those days alot alot alot!! really glad we met!! ^^
Honestly, she can be if she wants to. haha =P

Wednesday, 21 November 2007

一公升的眼泪 Ichi Ritoru No Namida








怕自己会哭吗? 那就别看吧。但你却少了体会人生意义超凡的机会。
想好好珍惜现在,对所有自己所拥有的都心怀感恩吗? 那就看吧。


Tuesday, 20 November 2007




Mission Terminated!!! =D

Monday, 19 November 2007

273 Days

273 days.......


Sunday, 18 November 2007

Tributes To CID Crew

CID Crew is the best!!! >.-
CID Crew is the Champion!!! =)
CID Crew is unbeatable!!! ^^
CID Crew is street dance pros!!! >.<
CID Crew is the coolest!!! =P
CID Crew is Crazy In Dance!!! ^_^
CID Crew rocks on forever!!! XD

Dear Sheryl, i am truly proud of CID Crew for making it to Top4 in Astro's Battleground Competition. Even though CID Crew's journey came to an end in this competition, but it's not the destination that matters, but it's the experiences and memories you all gained along the journey. i'm really glad that i was able to be there for you right from the start. so i have the right to say that, you all really improved so much. more than what you all could imagine. and you can hear it when the crowd cheers, they already chose the winner!! XD i am thankful, that i was there with you yesterday. though i had to make sacrifices and there's somewhere else i should be too, but it didn't took me long to decide. cuz the only thing i wanna do, is to be there for you. just remember that, it's not the end for CID Crew, because its spirit remains. you have your family and friends with you no matter what happens, and you got me too. for as long as CID Crew is dancing, i will be your faithful supporter always!! promise ya. hehe. so keep all the precious experiences and memories with you, and dance on!!! ^0^

Wednesday, 14 November 2007



Saturday, 10 November 2007


Nothing in life is more important than your family.
Give our loved ones the time they deserve,
Because these things cannot be put off till "some other time".

Because family is everything. =)

Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Psalm 73

25 Whom have I in heaven but you?
And earth has nothing I desire besides You.

26 My flesh and my heart may fail,
but God is the strength of my heart
and my portion forever.

27 Those who are far from you will perish;
You destroy all who are unfaithful to You.

28 But as for me, it is good to be near God.
I have made the Sovereign LORD my refuge;
I will tell of all Your deeds.

- NIV -

Saturday, 3 November 2007


Thanks for the wishes!! ^-^
Thanks for the calls, sms-es, cards, emails, e-cards, testi-es, comments, msg-es!! =)
Thanks for calling all the way from Aus, China, HK, NZ & UK!! =D
Thanks for the handmade cake, SR cakes, delicious meals and lovely pressiez!! >_<
Thanks for my favorite Aus brand cake from my dearest family!! =P
Thanks for the wonderful surprises and
memorable Singapore trip!! ^0^
Thanks for making it special though i wanted it simple, but i'm really glad you did!! XD

Thanks for remembering!!
Thanks for being a blessing to me!! (^_^)

Tuesday, 30 October 2007




Saturday, 27 October 2007

I Want

I WANT MEANS: if i want it enough, i will get it.

Getting what you want means making the decisions you need to make,
To get what you want.
Not the decisions those around you think you should make.
Making the safe decision is dull, predectable and leads nowhere new.

The unsafe decision causes you to think and respond in a way you hadn't thought of.
And that thought will lead to other thoughts which will help you achieve what you want.
Start taking bad decisions and it will take you to a place where others only dream of being.

Wednesday, 24 October 2007


嘻嘻~ 终于追看完55集的偶像剧 --《终极一家》-- 好舍不得喔。。。
还想一直追看下去耶 ~ 哈哈 不过,还蛮值得看的。。。至少我认为比 K.O ONE 好看哦。。。
剧情超怪趣搞笑的,我觉得剧本编得很不错。。。 嘻嘻
所以才能让我每天一集追看啦 ~ 哈哈哈

凝结术 -- FREEZE
谬特术 -- MUTE
缩音术 -- 把想要说的话,全都缩短,用声音传给对方听
要是真能有这些异能,多好啊 ~ 嘻嘻
真的是很有趣,超棒的啦!! =D

坦白说,看完以后我开始觉得,夏天 -- 汪东城饰,还不错看的说。。。
所以也不怎么讨好我。。。 =P
尤其喜欢夏天的分身 -- 鬼龙的造型,实在是帅呆了!! ^^
也发觉,汪东城,是蛮帅的啦 >_<

嗯,我一直都觉得,灸舞盟主 -- 炎亚纶饰,超帅的!! 嘻嘻 我会一直追看,是在等着他的出现咧。。。
到了29集他才出现,真是等得我的颈也变长了 ~ 哈哈 不过,所有的等待都是值得的。。。^^
不枉我一直都最喜欢他喔!! =)

当然也不能忘记,夏宇 -- 唐禹哲饰,也很帅啦。。。 我发现,他的演技有进步哦,比较生动也比较多元化。。。 只是有一点儿不怎么喜欢夏宇的分身 -- 鬼凤。。。 幸好鬼凤没真的变成罪大恶极的角色,所以他还是很帅很帅的 ~ 哈哈!! =P

除此之外,续盟主以后,我最喜欢,(呼延觉罗)修 -- 修饰,他也超帅的!! 你们有谁知道修啊??
他是新人吗?? 怎么之前都没在偶像剧里看过他?? 如果你知道,一定要告诉我,OK?? 嘻嘻 ^^
我还很希望,修可以跟寒在一起呢。。。 但以为夏天是主角,所以修只能默默地守护着寒。。。
好喜欢修,超有型喔!! ^_^

总的来说,这部戏剧的成功,是全体演员的功劳,大家都很努力。。。 所以我们才有机会观赏这部很棒的偶像剧咯!! 有夏雄,叶思人,阿公,夏美,寒,AH CHORD,神行者,火焰使者等。。。
还有还有,兰陵王 -- 辰亦儒饰,也蛮酷的,很有型呢。。。^^
对了,很多歌曲也很好听哦。。。 原来,AH CHORD 唱歌还蛮好听的说。。。
很喜欢他唱的那首, 够爱,很棒喔!! ^^

不知不觉,这部剧又告一段落了。。。 真的很舍不得,也很怀念啊。。。
我一定会支持好作品的!! 绝对不会错过啦 ~ 嘻嘻

大家加油咯!!! ^.^

Tuesday, 23 October 2007


You can't afford the house of your dreams.
That's why it is the house of your dreams.

So either find a way of getting it (what you want), well you'll find the means,
or be satisfied with dissatisfaction.

Sunday, 21 October 2007


GoodBye by The Melody

Oh I love you endless time
I lose my mind because of you
Oh I want to kill myself
You are the only love in my life
The only thing that is right
My love you are every breath that I take
Oh I love you

If you go say goodbye
But you know this
I will always love you
Bye bye if you go
Say goodbye
But you know this
I will always love you

说任何话 任何行动

Every day every night
Every single day I want you
Please don't leave me alone
Don't leave my alone
I want you need you love you
I'm gonna take you

If you go say goodbye
But you know this
I will always love you
Bye Bye if you go
Say goodbye
But you know this
I will always love you

Oh I want to kill myself
I'm just singing
I love you

Friday, 19 October 2007

242 Days

242 days.......


Friday, 12 October 2007

Tag #2

Tagged by Sheryl again. hehe ^^

1.Your name plus "ness"?

Yeng-ness!! haha oops...Vonness?!?!

2. Two feelings at the moment?

sleepy and xing fu

3. What are you listening to right now?

GoodBye by The Melody

4.Done anything you regret so far this week?

erm dont think so...yet

5. Describe where you are right now?

my room la ^^

6.The highlight of your week?

holidays. wheeeeee

7. What are you craving to have right now?

chocolate chocolate chocolate =P

8. Who were the last people you ate with?


9. What are you scared of?

to lose those whom i love

10. Last movie you watched?

Lust, Caution

11. Last songs you sang out loud?

I Love You by Han Dong Joon

13. Are you thinking of someone right now?

yea hehe

14. Who is the last person you talked to?

15. Last thing you downloaded on your computer?


16. Have you changed much this year?

of course. good or bad you shall find out yourself =P

19. Hug or kiss?

can i be greedy and have both ar?? haha

23. Who was the last person to text message you?


24. Where was the last place you went to besides where you are?

toilet lor haha

26. Do you speak any other language other than English?

erm "abu"+"then". see there's English and Malay. haha. of course not forgetting Mandarin and Cantonese ^^

27. Last thing you watched on TV?

The X-Family. entertaining drama series hehe

28.Do you dress for style or comfort?

comfort cuz im simple lazy

29. Name someone with the same b-day as you?

MCS...same year and born in the same hospital too...probably we were bed-mates too back in that year!! haha. btw only the last 2 digits of
our IC num are diff. unbelievably fated wei =D

30. Ever had a drunken night in mexico?

never been to Mexico, maybe in the future. but dont like to drink alco, so looks like its never gonna happen. plus me wont go all the way there to get drunk you know. rather me will be enjoying myself there instead hehe

31. Whats the craziest thing you've done?

hmm.......secret haha

32. Favorite color(s)?


33. What's your favorite cereal?

an aus brand cereal. forgotten the name hehe

34. What is your favorite Michael Jackson song?

You Are Not Alone

35. Who do you love?

Those who love me ^^

36. Any plans right now?

yea wanna get a hair cut

37. What are your plans for tonight?
sleep lor. kinda sleepy d hehe

38. What are you looking forward to tomorrow?


39. Last time you smile?


40. Who do you wanna be with right now?

Ai Wei lou po. honestly me wanted to visit her like ages ago but dont have the chance to. and i need a break!! miss u so badly ^^

i now officially tag...
well i'm gonna be real kind. hehe. if u wanna do it just go ahead ya. won't force you to do it this time. haha. so have fun!! =P

Wednesday, 10 October 2007


嘿嘿,原来《黑糖玛奇朵》也不错看哦。虽然一开始,觉得这部偶像剧太假了,以为好像比较偏向喜剧,电脑特技也用得有点过火,但看了几集以后,还蛮OK的。对了,是这部偶像剧让我认识棒棒糖和黑涩会美眉的。他们还OK啦,演戏也算不错看的。《黑糖玛奇朵》的歌曲也超好听咧。他们唱得很好呢。而且,这部偶像剧的名字也蛮特别耶,很适合它的剧情。《黑糖玛奇朵》是部描述青春的美好,编织梦想与追逐爱情和友情的勇气!! =)

Sunday, 7 October 2007


Dear, i'm truly sorry for your loss.
You know that we're going through this together.
She will live on in the hearts of everyone who loved her.

Tuesday, 25 September 2007



中秋节快乐!! ^.^

Wednesday, 19 September 2007

212 Days

212 days.......


Saturday, 15 September 2007

Tag #1

Tagged by Sheryl.
My first time doing it after being tagged so many times!! honored?? hehe ^^


1. The tag victim has to come up with 8 different points about his/her perfect lover.

2. Have to mention the gender of his/her perfect lover.

3. Tag eight other victims to join this game and leave a comment on their blog.
4. If you are tagged the second time, there is NO need to do this again.

5. Lastly, and most importantly, HAVE FUN DOING IT.

8 different points about my perfect lover :-

a) fears God
loves me unconditionally for who i am ^__^
loves his family and friends too ~.~
matured with shoulders i can lean on ^^
e) nature lover and lives a healthy lifestyle like me haha =D

knows me better than myself =P
works hard for our future and takes the extra mile just for me *_*
h) a best friend and soul mate
hehe >.<

and the "lucky" victims are...

Chooi Yee

Xiu Nuan

Wednesday, 12 September 2007

Sharon's B'day

It's her birthday. hehe. glad that we can celebrate it together with her. hope she really really really enjoyed herself. i guess its not the number of ppl that counts but it's the ppl that makes the diff. hope i called the right ppl. haha. even though we were all tired but i think its worth it la. hehe. once a year wei. and there's only one 20th b'day in a lifetime. haha. Sharon, thanks for cooperating with us. esp with Esther's surprise. hehe. well at least you pretended to be surprised la. better than not at all right?? haha. anyway, i'm glad to be in our gang. too bad Sugz can't join us. hehe. make sure we'll hang again when we can all make it. hehe. okok la, me got to go. kinda sleepy right now. haha. once again, have a BLESSED BIRTHDAY, Sharon!! ^^

Friday, 7 September 2007


Yes, you're right, i'm gonna blog about makeup. hehe. surprised?? haha. well this is probably gonna be my first and the last. so bear with me ok?? haha. after all, i think i've reached the stage of talking about it eh?? haha joking joking la. =P

Reason being that i'm so high on this was because out of the blue, i had full makeup on by a Bobbi Brown makeup artist. okay, i know all this so don't sound like me. hehe. so here's the story. i dropped by at my ex-company, Estee Lauder department to collect my previous payment in the evening. only to found out that they were having some training for their makeup artists. it has totally nothing to with me obviously. and then my boss was like, hey we're kinda short on models cuz one of the makeup artist didn't bring a model along. so there we have it, i ended up being one of their model for the makeup demo. everything happened so fast till i couldn't believe that it's actually happening. haha. well its really the first time in my life with a full makeup. so i think i was even more nervous than my makeup artist. cuz she was supposed to finish up with me within 30 minutes. whoa, i was like, is that even possible?? hehe. but it was really fun. now i finally understand the Chinese saying, 没有丑陋的女人,只有懒惰的女人, which means there's no ugly women, there's only lazy women. i guess its extremely appropriate when it comes to makeup and all. you can really look pretty with makeup. and i believe that's the power and magic about makeup. so gurls, if you wanna be pretty, just work hard. haha. but i didn't fall in love in making up though. i'm just lazy. hehe. maybe not now la. still wanna sleep a little longer everyday. haha. plus, i still believe in natural beauty okay. hehe. >.<

Anyway, it was a freaking cool experience. its really diff if your makeup is done by a pro. i learnt alot about makeup just in that 30mins. things that i won't even bother to know at all normally. haha. so it's cool la. all you do is just sit there comfortably, chill and relax. felt like a princess waiting to be nicely "beautified". and when you look into the mirror after that, you'll see a different you. definitely a prettier you. hehe. ohh, by the way of coz i took some pics as remembrance cuz i think the my makeup artist did a great job especially on my eyes. but i'm too pai seh to post it up here la. you guys also not used to seeing me with makeup right. and for those of you who saw me after the makeover, i won't forget your reactions. haha. so funny wei. you guys were like, where did you go?? or where you're going later?? hehe. i know la. cuz its just so not me right. well don't worry, its just for the night. that's all. hehe. and ohh, the foundation she did on me was freaking thick wei. i was like, abit the too much right. so many layers of foundation. i also dunno what you call all that. haha. really not used to seeing myself like that in the mirror. probably gonna take a long time for me to accept myself looking like that. hehe. cheers!! ^__^

Monday, 3 September 2007

She Left

Pern left for China today. =(

You'll never know
How much pride i hold in my heart
For the person you are and the things you do -
For your strength and your gentleness,
Your courage and your determination,
Your accomplishments and your dreams.

Love you always!! hugs hugs hugs!! ^^

Friday, 31 August 2007

1st M'day Countdown

So it was my first Merdeka countdown. first in 20 years eh. hehe. Bryant said its a good start. haha. and this year happen to be the 50th Merdeka celebration. kinda big deal. haha. so i should expect less next year?? sorry la, i'm not that patriotic. haha. well nevertheless, it was fun. i guess the company matters the most. that's why i know very well that i was with the right company. hehe. thanks for everything dear. i really really really appreciate all that you've done for me. ^__^

Can't wait for the outing of the 4 of us again later. hehe. the only reason i'm happy on Merdeka day is cuz its a public holiday. haha. evil me but its true la. hehe. Pern, will see you and Liong in awhile. see ya too dear. =P

When i look up at the wonder of the sky, i thank God for lending me, you.
因为有你,我是幸福的!! ^.^

Thursday, 30 August 2007

Charmaine's B'day

A post for another friend's birthday. yupe, another b'day girl. hehe. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Charmaine!! we had an early celebration for her last thursday, exactly a week before her actual birthday. haha. i never knew that, one day i'll be able to celebrate it with her. so thanks to, Sheryl. hehe. really glad to hang out with you gurls. it's great that we can have so much fun together. hopefully i didn't kacau you two on your cousin's talk. haha. it's nice to have a cousin sis like Charmaine. and little Amelia is very very very cute!! hehe. i really enjoyed myself that day. anyway, got to get going already. hehe. may all your wishes come through this year and many years to come!! GOD BLESS YOU!! =D

Wednesday, 29 August 2007

4 Of Us

Had an awesome dinner with Pern, Liong & Owen. hehe. Pern, thanks for coming all the way from Subang to meet me for dinner ya. we actually stayed there till the shop closed down and went for earthquake after that. i'm still so full now. haha. so sorry i could only make it later but thank you for taking the effort to see me and waited for me. i'm very touched oh. hehe. abit pai seh also la, kacau you & Liong go dating. haha. don't need to apologize for not spending time with me cuz i know you really love to. now that your days left in Mal are very few, so as your best friend, of course i know what to do la. hehe. and you already came all the way to have dinner with me. anyway, hope you like the jacket. the moment i saw it, i knew that it is made for you. hehe. so must stay warm when you're back in NanJing ya. so gonna miss you leh. =(

by the way, i'm glad that Liong & Owen wasn't bored at all. haha. cuz i know that every time we meet, we always got lots to talk about. and more often than not, guys won't understand our girl's talk. hehe. so its good to see that they had their boy's talk which we didn't really understand too. haha. really looking forward to our next meeting!! muaks!! love you ^__^

Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Sugin's B'day

BLeSsEd BiRtHdAY, SuGz!!! hehe. since i've never really blogged about him before, like he said. haha. so i shall take this opportunity on this special occasion to write this post for him. so sweet of me, eh?? haha ^^

So our B'day boy is finally 20. hehe. he's cute, he thinks. he's funny, i think. he's caring, that's what he is. and he's Sugin. hehe. we've known each other for 10 years now, and still counting. quoted from Sugin. haha. he's been a great friend, a caring brother and a humble servant of God. i'm glad we meet, Sugin. thanks for everything you did for me in the past years and i truly treasure our friendship from the bottom of my heart. it's definitely an honor to have known u for 10 years and still counting. ^__^

We were in Chili's at Midvalley. drama happened before we get to meet but our last minute plan was still successful. haha. we had a great dinner, thanks to Dhanyal. hehe. and its been so long since i saw Dhanyal. so glad to see that he's doing much better after his bad injuries. the same old "kayu" is back,

but now is "broken kayu" instead. haha. joking la. its so great to hang with you again man. hehe. then we have Sharon, doing most of the giggling that kept us entertained. plus she learned a new word that starts with P----. if you know her, you're probably gonna hear her saying that word quite often, so you'll know. haha. but the 3 of us agreed that she still don't get the real meaning of that word cuz she's literally using the P-word for anything and everything. haha. anyway, basically the whole night we chilled, we talked and we laughed. i'm really glad to be able to spend the last few hours on Sugin's birthday with him. so thank you, Sugin for sharing it with us. it would never had happened without you. hehe. by the way, the 4 of us was born on the same year wei. it means alot to me la. that's why as tired as i can be and as many things that i needed to sacrifice for that dinner was definitely more than worthwhile. and i'm really glad above all that i was there with him. hehe. hope you had a great birthday and may the Lord our God BLESS YOU and keep you in His loving arms ALWAYS & FOREVER!! hugs hugs!! =)

Sunday, 26 August 2007

Wonder Night

The fireworks yesterday was awesome. never seen such breathtaking fireworks competition. well the last time i saw such breathtaking fireworks was in Genting. hehe. and yesterday night in Putrajaya, was the first fireworks i've ever seen in KL. that's because i've never been to any countdowns in KL. was never really interested. haha. >.<

Most importantly, the company was great, the gang was entertaining, the atmosphere was awesome and the night was extraordinarily beautiful. so just wanna thank you, Owen and gang for the special night!! ^^

You're a blessing in my world.
谢谢你,对我的温柔!! ^__^

Wednesday, 22 August 2007


想不通 心太重

你转身 一个吻
从今后我不再是一个人 ^__^

Sunday, 19 August 2007

181 Days

181 days.......


Friday, 17 August 2007


久违了,我亲爱的朋友们!!! 真不好意思呢,好久没来更新我的部落格文章耶。哈哈~
因为本人我,最近都很忙咧 ~嘻嘻 不过忙得超开心的! ^__^
大家,不好意思喔~ 现在想用中文打字耶。看不懂的朋友们就等我下一篇文章好了。哈哈哈 ~
因为这篇文章是要献给我在台湾的朋友们,为我们共同创造的美好记忆,好好地回忆及记录下来。笑 ~ 嘻嘻 >.<

哈,突然不知从何说起了呢。好吧,让我想想哦。结束我们的旅程,大概是一个礼拜以前的事了 。隔了那么久,才能坐在这儿回忆着,因为一直都无法抽离那段美好的旅程和那些甜美的点点滴滴。真的真的真的,好舍不得结束呢。不过,天下没有不散的宴席啊。这段刻骨铭心的记忆,已足够我慢慢回忆,陪我渡过很长很长的一段路了。。。^^

说了三次,就代表是真的。嘻嘻。虽然一开始,所有的计划都是瞒最后一分钟的,不过还真过瘾咧。哈哈哈~ 好吧,就从我们KL之旅开始咯。KL嘛,就不提我们去的景点了。我想你们也没什么兴趣吧,哈哈,反正大家也知道啊。可是,值得一提的,映昙、秀玲学姐和英立学姐都买了Vinci的鞋子喔。她们超爱逛Padini和Vinci的。我也有一点儿傻眼耶。嘻嘻,所以在那两天,她们便成功地拿下战利品咧。还真快呢。。。~笑
到过该去的景点以后,我发觉自己对KL比较熟悉了耶。哈哈,我这个本地人应该不算太迟吧?所以要借此机会在这里感谢,曾为我指路的朋友们,不然我就会带着外国的朋友们一起迷路了,那不就出丑了吗?哈哈 ~ ^^
嘻嘻~ 接着,他们大夥儿就北上,在善聪的带领,游玩槟城咯。我没跟大队,是因为不能离家太多天。家里的事,若你知道就好,不知情的朋友,抱歉 ~恕我就不多提了。

先在此祝,有情人终成眷属喔! ^^
嘻嘻~ 接着他们从槟城出发到云顶啦。原本我是没打算去云顶的,因为我得从KL自己出发咧。不是我不敢一个人,只是觉得还好啦。反正云顶又不是没机会去嘛。而且,都去过几百遍了。太夸张?
哈哈 ~好啦,没有几百遍,可也有几十遍了吧。所以,就想说不去了啦。
后来,有个很傻,却傻得可爱的人,竟做了很傻的事。那是我们的秘密,所以我不能说。哈哈哈~ 不然我就得。。。 ^^
就这样,毫无预料地,我便到了山上和大夥儿会合。还真不后悔上去一趟呢。若没去才会非常后悔吧。哇哈哈。虽然是旧地重游,但感觉真的不一样咧。只因是与特别的你们喔。嘻嘻。好久都没在云顶玩得那么疯狂了。我们真的超High耶!~哈哈哈 ^O^
澎湃沸腾、心情激动,竟是十倍的让人兴奋哦!哇塞,我那天真的超High的!!! ^^
同样的地方、同样的场景和同样的天气,却因为不一样的陪伴,感觉完完全全不一样了!~ 就在大家超兴奋的情况下,我们总共花了马币一百令吉,只花在乘坐的游戏所拍的照片耶!酷吧?不过,大家平分以后,还算OK啦。总的来说,只有一个High字才可形容噢! ~哈哈哈
对了,我还遇到UGDN的舞蹈员呢。要不是Zack把我认出来,拍拍我的头,我应该不会发现他们吧,哈哈。不过,寒喧几句便各分东西啦。还得继续我们疯狂的一天嘛! ^.^

回过神时,我们已搭上飞机,直飞登嘉楼了。而在前方等着我们的是,热浪岛!!!冲啊 ~哈哈!!! ^^

尽情地感受着,大自然里,自在的自己,倾听自己,内心深处的声音 ~

嘻嘻~ 我们也遇见了同道中人哦。他们是一个幸福的法国家庭。法国人爸爸超帅的,妈妈也很漂亮,而他们三个孩子们更不用说,真的真的真的超可爱的!我还被弟弟,小帅哥电到咧!!! 哇哈哈~
他的眼神超迷人耶,而且超酷喔,虽然只有七岁,但他超帅噢!还真想让自己变小呢,嘻嘻~ ^-^
噢,差点儿忘了,热浪岛之旅,还跟来了一个机车男耶。为什么是机车男?因为,他,超机车的!提起他,真会让人哭笑不得耶。他非但不懂得如何察言观色,而他的一举一动,更让人无法理解,不敢畏恭嘛。比方说,一个大男孩,大刺刺地在光天化日下,竟敢往我的头发抛沙子耶。还在那儿表现出,自得其乐的样子。哇塞,太夸张了吧?!?!?! 我的天啊~ 昱翔叫住我时,原以为机车男会住手啊,结果机车男却往昱翔身上抛沙子耶。我对昱翔还真不好意思的说。话说回来,我们俩就当场楞住,真是傻眼耶~ @_@
机车男的丑事还多得很咧,只是我才不想在这儿浪费我宝贵的时间呢。哈哈。他真是我见过最最最机车的人耶!!! @___@

下一站 --- 新加坡。
一起哦。嘻嘻,超开心的!!! ^^
对了,还是要感谢David和我姐啦。很开心可以和你们一起游玩喔!谢谢咯! ^^
接着,与大夥儿再会合,就往新加坡出发了。说真的,在这次的行程中,除了热浪岛,我超期待去新加坡耶。嘻嘻 ~
到达新加坡,虽然并没有出国的感觉,不过我还是超兴奋的啦。重要的是旅途中的风景和旅程嘛,对吧? ^^
我还没提到吧,新加坡,超多帅哥耶!!!真是超多超多超多的。哈哈哈,Pern也认同我哦。走在马路边、热闹的大街、捷运里、地下铁通道,甚至酒店里,到处都可看到帅哥叻。嘻嘻,先把话说在前头,我不是花痴啦,也不是没见过帅哥,只是不曾在一个国家,短时间内看到那么多帅哥嘛。既然有机会看见如此养眼的人,又为何要装淑女呢?不看,才是真正的大傻瓜吧。反正,这一生与这些帅哥们,大概只有这一面之缘啊。 错过了,就太浪费咯。这些帅哥们,大部分都是华人耶。虽然有些可能是外国华侨,但还是我喜欢的类型咧。嘻嘻,我和Pern还在一旁讨论说,或许是新加坡太小了吧,所以很容易聚集帅哥啊。我们超搞笑的咧!!! ^^
他们真的超超超帅的啦,而且是High Class的帅哥们喔!!!还驾着跑车呢!!! 超酷咧 ~哈哈大笑~
只要我的王子,有他们的一半,我就满足咯。嘻嘻,应该不算太贪心吧? 哇哈哈~
OK啦,请让我再说最后一次,他们真的超帅耶!!!!!!! ^___^

离别,是为了下一次再相聚。我们微笑着说再会,期待着下次的相遇 ~ ^^
李映昙,我最舍不得你了!!!感谢你,千里迢迢来与我相会,我会非常珍惜你我的点点滴滴哦 ~ Love
还有,也很舍不得大家!!!我会好好保管你们送的礼物,我们大家都要珍重喔!!! >_<


好朋友,是一辈子的事!!! 这是我对你的承诺喔!!!
很高兴,沿途有~ 你!!! ^__^


在异国的早晨醒来,窗外第一道刺眼的阳光带我回到过往的某一段情境,在当下,时间的界线消失了,我在陌生的环境之中,反而更能强烈回到一种熟悉,思念里的熟悉,那是无可预知的浪漫感觉。若没有了思念,旅行恐怕也会失去一大部分的浪漫呢 ~嘻嘻 ^^

旅行,究竟要寻找什么呢? 有些人寻找自己,有些人寻找别人,有些人寻找失去的乐园,有些人寻找身心的解放。而我,或许就是寻找自己吧。原来有些场景,不管我走到哪里,不管我走了多远,




Thursday, 16 August 2007


一定要为大家推荐这部韩剧,《咖啡王子一号店》超好看的。虽然一开始是因为喜欢女主角才看看的,但后来也超喜欢男主角哦。它好看的地方在于,剧情与众不同且很有趣,绝对很值得看耶。它有别于一般催泪的韩剧,而结局也绝不让人失望呢。嘻嘻,所以2007年必看的韩剧,非《咖啡王子一号店》莫属。还真舍不得它就这样结束了耶,多希望能有二号店,三号店等。真的超好看啦!! ^0^

Sunday, 29 July 2007


绝对是2007年暑假必看的一部偶像剧哦。而我更喜欢《换换爱》耶。很喜欢《换换爱》的剧情,比较真实也很有故事性,还有重要的是它的结局很圆满啦。依然觉得杨丞琳和贺军翔很相衬,但这次我也更喜欢王传一了。抵挡不住王传一对杨丞琳的神情,真的好帅喔!! 当然,贺军翔也超帅的。很想再看他们三人合作的偶像剧呢!! =P

Friday, 27 July 2007


She cries but nobody sees her tears,
He holds her hand so innocently - cannot realize
It is for him.
She sits here now and cries.
When her face looks saddened,
He replaces her smile - without a clue
It is for him, she is upset -
For she cannot speak what's true.
Being with him means the world to her,

Yet is hurts her beyond words too.
For she silently longs to say the words -
"I am in love with you."

Tuesday, 24 July 2007

Welcome Home

Really glad that you guys are back in Mal again. hehe. by the way, this is my 100th post wei. haha. its so good to see Pern again. after saying goodbye in Nanjing, i've been missing her even more. hehe. so its really great to see her again here. had a great time and great dinner. it was in Sushigroove, 1U. though its really kinda expensive but its definitely worth the price. cuz the food was simply way much better than Sushi King and all. haha. they serve really good food but with really good price too. but you'll still feel that it is worth it to empty your wallet in the end. haha. anyway, thanks alot for treating me, Pern. i had a blast with you!! hehe. and now i'm really looking forward to our holiday together with the rest of the group. just to get away and have fun. ohh, i so can't wait!! =P

Monday, 23 July 2007

Unforgettable Smile

My heart goes out to you today. i am so sorry for what you have to go through. wishing you a quick and easy recovery. just rest your mind and don't worry about anything. be peaceful and think of all those who love you.

Someone said that we were fated to meet each other. and i do believe it deep down inside. you were a total stranger. all we shared was only the moments our eyes crossed and met each other's and the genuine smiles. my heart melted when i saw u standing there, with your prefect smile. its unbelievable how God put you through all this. but your smile touched my heart today. its so bright as though its from heaven. i know you will be strong. you've been very strong indeed.
you'll have my best wishes always and your perfect smile will be remembered. may each new day find you feeling better. *_*

Sunday, 22 July 2007

With Much Love

A special dedication to all those dear to my heart. to dearest Pern, Lynn, Ai Wei, Hui San, Yee Sing, Jia Ci, Wei Yee and all those who truly care. hehe. best friends are forever and love you all always!! muaks ^-^

A Best Friend
is a sharer of smiles and fun times,
and a strong shoulder to lean on,
for always.

Because you mean so very much,
dear friend,
words can't begin to say,
the happiness that's wished for you,
today and everyday.

But in your heart
you surely know,
that now and always too,
all the things
you want the most,
are wished
with love for you.

Thursday, 19 July 2007

150 Days

150 days.......

Finally got to meet up with Sheryl. hehe. had a great time with her, as usual. haha. someone said we look even more alike after she cut her hair. brave move gurl. its actually kinda really short as compared to all the previous years. haha. but you're looking good. anyway, just wanna thank you for being there today. enjoyed ur company. though i didn't mention to you, but thank you for just spending your time with me. cuz today means alot. love you!! hugs ^-^



Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Little Break

Sony Ericsson W850i. yupe, my 2nd SE hp. hehe. surprised?? or not?? anyway, this sudden change is because of 3 special person close to my heart. haha. excited to know?? ready?? hehe. 1st person it is ShErYL. well, cuz you're using this model too, so it kinda makes me prefer this model. shocked?? happy?? well, don't get too high ya. hehe. the 2nd person is HuI SaN. though she most likely won't be reading this, but thank you gurl. for buying my ex hp from me. haha. since it doesn't look good cuz i dropped it like infinity times but still you're willing to accept it. thanks so much!! hehe. and finally the 3rd person i wanna thank is OwEn Y. thank you!! thanks for getting this hp at a price where i'm sure i couldn't find it anywhere else on earth. haha. and thank you for sponsoring me a huge part. though i didn't ask for it. hehe. cuz i worked before this. anyway, all the more i feel it is so worth it to get this hp now. evil me but ohh well. how cheap?? ask and you shall find out. haha. kinda high right now but well, this hp can really distract me from all the craziness of my busy days. hehe. so million thanks to you guys once again!! love ^-^

Sunday, 15 July 2007

God Is With You

May it be a source of inner strength,
To know
That there's a loving God
Watching over you,
And that,
Throughout this time of need,
He'll stay close by your side.

Wednesday, 11 July 2007