Sunday, 30 July 2006

Breakin' For JC

Today was the last breakdance class with one of our instructor Mike which was held in church. as Joel has a greater vision and purpose for us, so we will be moving all the training to the Jazzercise Studio in KL. but as to the schedule of the classes, it's still not really confirmed. nevertheless, hope that this will be able to work out as all of us together with other passionate christian dancers can come together and groove for God!! like Joel's vision for the team G4G, Grooving 4 God. anyhow, all of us turned out at today's class. hehe. we ran through everything we learnt. from the down rock to all the freezes and all. so was quite tiring. haha. but it was fun and it feels good when you can hold the stands and freezes. at least you know that there's improvement and also achievement. hehe. but i'm gonna miss our instructor Mike, as he has been our instructor for quite some time. perhaps more that 6 months or more i guess. and he stayed with us longest. so we're all really very comfortable with him already. you know, just used to him with us. anyway, i'm looking forward to Joel's new trainings though. as we always need to move on, into more intensive trainings and all, so that we may be able to really glorify God in the end!! Always breakin' for JC!! = P

Wednesday, 26 July 2006

Sweet Company

i had a great time with Xue today. hehe. though the movie wasn't that great but the company was really very enjoyable. haha. next time we'll go for a better one eh?? hehe. i'm really blessed to have so many good friends around me. really thank God for them. and thank God for Xue too. she's really a special girl and of course a nice friend. never thought i will meet someone like her again. hehe. i guess somehow we just clicked together. there's a special sparkle between us and our frienship grew stronger each day. just wanna remember this date we had together. i'll keep all our sweet memories with me always. luv ya!! =P

Jan and i meet up last weekend. as we didn't really get to spent time together lately, i think it means alot for the both of us. well, true friends will grow together despite of time, diff backgrounds and all, isn't it?? and we also got to enjoy a nice movie. hehe. at least we loved it. haha. whatever it is, we know that we still got each other. will keep you in my prayers always Jan. stay strong and keep standing!! hehe. =)

Monday, 17 July 2006

Battle Of The Year '06

Yo!! it's time for Battle Of the Year again!! this year's BOTY was held in 1 Utama new wing extrance. was only able to make it for the finals on the 16th, yesterday. the 15th was the qualifiying round. there's one-on-one battle and battle of the crews. it was really an eye opener. never really thought that there'll be good breakers in Malaysia honestly. most of the breakdance videos on the net was from other countries. so was kind of unbelieveable to be able to see it live in Malaysia. haha. and i have to say that the breakers are talented. and to my surprise, i actually know the top breakers in Malaysia. met Zain during the CDFM persentation in Genting, also known as B-Boy Zen who won the champion title for the one-on-one battle. no doubt he's a top breaker. he deserves that title man. he amazed the crowd with all his power moves like flair, windmill, airtrack and all the air freezes and stands. but was a little disappointed cuz B-Boy Zech who was my instructor didn't manage to get into the final. he really good skills and is a really good breaker but somehow he was just a little unlucky. haih. but anyway, his team won the Team Battle. Special Force Dator from Urban Groove won the champion title for the Team Battle. and Zain was in the crew too. so obviously as Joel's student, i'll definately support the breakers from UG. hehe. and congrats to Joel as his team of UG boys won in both the categories. it's really great achievements. met with Joel and had a few words with him but was too caught up to find a good spot to record the competition cuz that time was close to the final battles already. so i sort of like walked away in a hurry. but only to realize now that it was the perfect time to take a pic with him actually. cuz we were just at the side. missed it!! argh. haha. well, what to do, can only hope for the next time. anyway, i am really motivated in breaking!! =)

well, also sent AW off, back to Aus yesterday morning. though she only stayed in Mal for about 3 weeks plus, but was glad to meet up with her and WY the day before yesterday. as AW was leaving the next day, so the 3 of us really enjoyed the time we can spent that day. i really had a great time with my 2 dear "Lou Po"s. hehe. as usual, we took the sticker photo. looks like it became the thing we must do everything AW comes back home. hehe. aiyo, now i'm missing them already. can't wait till AW comes back in Nov and the next time i can meet up with WY and her. haha. do take care gurls!! =P

Monday, 10 July 2006

CDFM International Conference '06

It has really been a long time since i'd perform for God. and this time not through AFC but it's as CDFM team instead. so it was a total diff experience honestly. nevertheless, i really longed to perform in Jesus' Name!! you know just to have the joy of dancing for the Big Guy up there, is somthing i will trade with anything i have. unless you're focused on God alone and not distracted by pride, only you'll be able to have the really joy of dancing. and it's this joy was simply amazing. you can even imagine God looking down from heaven with a smile on His face!! this trip to Genting on the Malaysian Night which is on the 10th was really diff. and it'll be an unforgetable one. as our instructor was non other than Joel Tan himself. we trained for this event about 2 months ago. and during the presentation, Joel were there too. so it's my first time performing "together" which our instructor, therefore it means alot. hehe. but anyway, i know my purpose. just that his presence was more like a support to all of us. once again, really thank God for this opportunity to dance in His Name!! and after our item, Joel and his boys performed break dancing. and it's also my first time watching Joel perform, so it was really cool and nice. haha. no doubt Joel is a good dancer. and my last first time is, i'd finally got to snap a pic with Joel. haha. after knowing him like 1 year?? hehe. no forgetting Zech who was one of our instructors too. btw, another highlight was before the presentation, the few of us was doing our warm ups and Joel and his boys came and joined us. so we saw them doing all their power moves, from flair to windmill to air track and so on. its was really good wei!! haha. no doubt they can really break. hehe. and ohh, it was chill up there too. haha. i really had a great time!! =P