Thursday, 9 November 2006


不知不觉, 今年的生日又到了, 可是也很快地又过去了。还真可说是来得快,也去得快啊。如一位朋友所说的,过生日最重要是要快乐,才会对得起自己。不然为什么祝福语会是‘生日快乐’呢? 不过今年的生日还算对得起自己了,并没有太大的遗憾。我知道我是幸福的。对,我是幸福的。因为我的身边还有你们啊。我还有你们的爱,对吧?

我想,或许人总是会有那么一点点的贪念吧。不瞒你说,在我内心某处,依然想念着某个他。那几天,一直都很期待能够听见他亲口的祝福。哪怕只是一句简单的‘生日快乐’。这样我就已经满足了,真的。难道这样的生日愿望也算太贪心吗? 结果,我始终都没有听到他的声音。失望的心,试着安慰自己,也许是他很忙,那么就算是一句迟来的祝福也是以样的。我心里清楚知道,他一定不会忘了我的生日,因为他曾说过,无论以后发生什么事,他都不会忘记关于我的一切, 已把我刻在他的心里了。这些年来,我依然相信着他。有他那一句话,我真的已满足了,真的。就这样,为他找了很多的借口,也静静地等待着那迟来的祝福。最后,只好努力地忘掉脑里一切有他的画面,不能让眼泪流过十二点。一个人坐在空荡的房间里,手机也该让它休息一夜了。我知道伤心并不能改变什么,那么就让我诚实一点吧。

那时候,耳边仿佛听见一首歌,是这样唱着的。。。生日快乐, 我对自己说。蜡烛点了,寂寞亮了。生日快乐,泪也融了,我要谢谢你给的,你拿走的一切。还爱你,带一点恨。还要时间,才能平衡。热恋伤痕,幻灭重生。祝我生日快乐。。。

Hey guys. sorry if you don't understand ya. cuz i just feel like typing in chinese. haha. easier lor and my first paper next week is the chinese paper. haha. so a lil practise here. well, there's some prob, which i don't know what is it that unables me to upload all the pics i want to. so here's the ones that i managed to post up. will update the rest after my exam in Dec. cuz what to do. i can't fix the prob now cuz i don't know what is it. haha. okiez. you all take good care. wishing all the best in everything to ya'll too!! =D

Friday, 3 November 2006

Many Thanks To You

Thank GOD for this precious life He’s given me. thank YOU, LORD for being my GOD. hehe. and i really am grateful and thankful to you all for making my birthday a blast!! hehe. thank you JiaCi for the earliest b'day cake. thank you guys JK, GY and JJ for the dinner and the cake. thank you all, my dear classmates for the cake and presents at midnight. thank you all, my dear friends for the breathtaking scenery at Putrajaya and the cake. thank you for the lunch on my b'day. thank you Jan, Sharon and Esther for the cake you girls baked. was really surprised and touched. and believe me when i say the cake is really nice wei. cuz its the only handmade cake out of 7 cakes. hehe. thank you Jan for the dinner. had an awesome time with you. may we share alot more in the future. thank you all, my dear AFC gang for the cake and the gigantic teh ice too. thank you Alan for the great dinner in KL yesterday night. thanks alot, really. it's very thoughtful of you to remember. hehe. can't believe i got 19 presents from you. haha. thank you, my friends for my 7th and last b'day cake this year during our yam cha session just now. hehe. finally, thank you all for the calls, the smses, the messages on friendster, the testimonials, the mails and the e-cards too for all the b'day wishes. hehe. well, hopefully i didn't missed anyone of you or any group of ppl. haha. so, it's the end of my b'day celebration this year. hehe. really had a good one. thank GOD for you all, my dear friends!! thank you once again from the bottom of my heart. love you all!! =D

Thursday, 2 November 2006

Last Teen B'day

I couldn't sleep, so here am i. hmm, too much of tea. thanks to you guys and girls. you know who you all are. hehe. well, will study in awhile. since i'm so wide awake now. can't believe it wei. anyway, i don't know what to write now, really. out of words to describe how am i feeling. or maybe i just can't find words to describe it. hehe. had a very SPECIAL b'day this year. i really had a blast!! haha. like before, "the pics speak louder than words". hehe. will write more and post all the pics one day ya. hopefully soon?? haha. okiez, have to stop here already. going to study now, remember?? hehe. to all of you who gave me an unexpected and unforgetable b'day with all the surprises and laughters, thank you from the bottom of my heart!! i appreciate it very much!! really very touched wei. hehe. 我是真的真的很感动喔!! =D