Wednesday, 31 January 2007

The Last Name Was L

finally watched Death Note 2!! well, it was really more than i expected and enjoyed it so much. hehe. and i am happy above all that it was you with me. in the movie, the last name was L, real name in the movie was Ryuzaki. the hero in the movie gave up his life, to save the world of course. why does it always have to end like that?? haih. but anyway, it has to end like that. or else, the movie will be kind of pointless. haha. actually, L was quite cute in Death Note 2, cuz he finally smiled!! and he's a genius!! hehe. so cheers to L, cheers to Ryuzaki!! =D

and the last name in the movie was Ryuzaki. somehow, i wish that the last name will be you and me!! =D

Sunday, 28 January 2007

Kira Vs L

just got back from lunch after church. hehe. decided to drop by and thank you for the movie last night. was really last minute eh?? hehe. i really wanted to watch it but i was in the midst of my exams last year. Death Note was nice. really. hehe. really enjoyed it wei. and i enjoyed your company too!! hehe. it felt like watching it in the cinema. really. haha. thanks alot ya!! =D

anyway, i wanna catch some sleep first. G4G training is at 5pm. hehe. yeah, i'm back with the G4G team again, after 3 months. haha. by the way, now i really can't wait to watch Death Note 2!! =D

Saturday, 27 January 2007

Happy Happy

it was a sleepless night yesterday, but it wasn't cuz of something bad happened or whatsoever. haha. it was cuz i was too happy and excited!! that's why i couldn't really sleep. i just couldn't stop smiling while writing this wei. hehe. =D

well, its been really a very very very long time, since i've seen Owen and Ryan. felt like 100 years!! haha. so obviously didn't get to talk to them also. been missing them alot!! especially lil Ryan and Clifford. hehe. but i went on skype yesterday and finally had a chat with Ryan wei!! it was really great to hear his voice!! and Owen's voice too!! okay, for those of you who don't know about them, they are just like my lil brother la. nothing more than that. hehe. so anyway, yesterday's chatting session already lifted me up sky high and i was all too excited till i couldn't really sleep. haha. okay, i know i sound abit too much. but who cares!! haha. =D

and this morning, Ryan actually woke his bro, Joshua up from bed so that Joshua can sign in skype for him to chat with me!! aww, so sweet!! so Joshua gave me a misscall, and i actually woke up. well, those who knew me, will know that when i fall asleep, i'll be sleeping like the dead. in order for you to wake me up, you really gotta "slap" me. haha. well, maybe "shake" is a more suitable word. hehe. anyhow, maybe i was too excited after the chat yesterday so that's why wasn't really in deep sleep at night. and i'm amazed that i was actually woke up by a misscall. cuz that won't happen normally. hehe. therefore, managed to chat with Ryan again!! though i didn't really get to talk to Owen, but he was beside Ryan all the while. so at least i get to hear his voice!! i miss it so much!! hehe. so after about 2hours, i had to go for lunch. but this time, i was really satisfied already. i'm sure i'll have a good night sleep tonight. and sweet dreams too!! haha. thanks to Joshua of course. hehe. it really made up for those times that i didn't get to see them around and talk to them. it really made my day wei!! still smiling!! hehe. =D

Wednesday, 24 January 2007

Open Blind Eyes

When i was with Daniell yesterday, i was drawn to a particular picture of the crucifixion of Jesus. it seemed more realistic than any others i had ever seen. the expression on Jesus' face spoke to me, not of pain but of the agonizing anticipation of pain. the painting was shrouded in shadows, with the only beam of light focused directly on Jesus.

it always puzzled my heart that only one person was lifting the heavy cross into place. later i learned from Dan that the painting was by Rembrandt. the solitary person struggling to raise the cross was in fact a self-portrait. the painting is extremely powerful. but understanding it in the context of the painter's life lifts its meaning to another dimension. it is Rembrandt's contrite confession of his own complicity in Jesus' crucifixion. it is more than a painting. it is a parable.

Jesus' parables open our eyes and expose our lives.

Wednesday, 17 January 2007


你的好脾气 让我的心情坏不起来
下雨下得我 眼神发呆
你的道歉 听着听着我都快要笑出来


有时候我会 感觉非常累
有时候也会 不自觉把你拖累
你有时会说 我们不配
只要能依偎 真的什么都无所谓

一样能弹出我对你 只有满满的感谢

Tuesday, 9 January 2007


痛着醒来 痛着入睡
即使早已远离 当时的战场

那些模样 历经沧桑
宁愿提醒自己 该如何学习遗忘



Monday, 1 January 2007

New Year

2007 is here!! wow, really don't know what to expect for this year. maybe i should expect the unexpected?? hehe. but i'm looking forward to it. haha. anyway, i'm gonna celebrate new year with family and friends. it's real fun and nice cuz it's the people you be with that made the diff. i am truly blessed to have all my friends and my family with me. but above all, i am assured and blessed to know that my God is with me!! glad to be in the Lord's house and start the year ahead with Him. hehe. just remembered the question a friend asked me years ago. wouldn't it be better if you go to church because you're happy?? happy to be in the Lord's house. instead of going to church out of obligation?? well, very true indeed. that question will come across my mind whenever i'd forgotten why i should be in church at times. well, i'm gonna start the new year with something i'd never done before. haha. i'm sleeping over at Sharon's place. hehe. i never slept over at friends place on new year before. haha. we really didn't plan this. it just happenend!! haha. actually it was more like i can't go home after the party cuz i don't have keys and its really late. so have to trouble Sharon. hehe. and i'm writing this using her com. haha. but thanks alot gurl, had a great time with you really. hehe. anyhow, it's a new year, somehow it's easier to tell yourself to have a new start again. isn't it?? well, i'm not really sure about that though. haha. so hope that you'll have a good start this year. have a very very very BLESSED NEW YEAR!! =D